Our First Post!

Hey everyone!

We are really excited to announce our blog post. We have been discussing it for a while now, and we really wanted to create a space where we can publish all of our members’ work. As a creative writing society our goal is to help you to explore your creative abilities and hopefully inspire you to write more.
Writing is something that anyone can do, and we welcome all levels of writers to our society; whether you’ve already published your first novel to having never written a creative piece in your entire life. And everyone can always improve in some way, no one is perfect here! And all it takes is just a little bit of practice. We have created this blog not only to publish your work but also so that we can all read and share one another’s work. By posting your writing here, everyone can read it, compliment it (because we all need a boost sometimes), critique it (because it’s the only way we can get better) and just share ideas. Yes, when we write we usually do it alone, but writers cannot be alone if they want to improve their writing. We need to be surrounded by other creative people, so that was can bounce ideas off one another and ask others’ opinions on our own ideas. So, we also encourage everyone to respond to each other’s work; what you liked, what you think could be improved, something that was said that you hadn’t thought of before… Share, share, share.

Every week at our events we get a good few people reading out their work, and we would love for those works to be posted here. Sharing our work can be daunting – I know I always get nervous of someone else reading my stories and if I ever had to read them out in public… Lord help me! But it is also liberating, and we don’t want anyone in our society to be afraid of sharing their talents. So, if you have read something out at an event previously, or do so in the future, please please send it to us so that we can share it on here. If you wish to remain anonymous we will not publish your name along with your piece, but of course if you want your name attached that’s perfect too! There is no wrong way to do this; all we want to do is appreciate your talents and create a space where our members can share work and gain inspiration.
And of course, we welcome ALL styles and forms of writing.

Happy Writing Everyone!


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