I Played Myself a Lullaby

Olwyn Williams

I played myself a lullaby
As the daytime turned into the night.
The light left like velvet
Slipping sulkily into the dusk
Settling softly
Into the vibrant city silence.

Stealing away, into the darkness it went,
Gathering its trailing glowing ribbons
Into and around its shrinking self
Like a tattered cloak
Wrapping itself up in the last few steaks of sunset coloured clouds
To be unwrapped again
The next fresh dawn,
As always, the following morn.

And I, happily alone but for these walls,
A sweet and sultry solitude,
The dusk, my undemanding companion,
As the night flowed in to replace the day.


One thought on “I Played Myself a Lullaby

  1. My favorite lines were “The light left like velvet” and “Gathering its trailing glowing ribbons”. I also loved “Like a tattered cloak” and “sunset coloured clouds” and “sweet and sultry solitude”. I think it would have been cool to bring back the lullaby idea towards the end. I loved the imagery in this poem so much. It was so beautiful. Well done.


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