February 14th

Rebecca Joyce

February 14th – the worst date imaginable.
Merely a day PDA is forgiven;
Random gestures of love to your darling;
Revolting notes written in private
To be exchanged in public.

Why must we celebrate this day?
Why is there a need to remind
Those of what they do not have?
Sick, sad, twisted, tormenting, disgustingly
Undignified. Absolutely no purpose.

“Only a sad old sod would say such a thing.”
“A being that dares not to feel for fear of heartbreak”
“A being that’s heart is already torn”-
Arguable, of course.

Valentine’s day me eye!
February 14th, the day after yesterday
And the day before tomorrow.
I long for love no more today than yesterday
And less tomorrow than both.


2 thoughts on “February 14th

  1. The word “Revolting” is interesting compared to any other word that was possible in that same sentence. Inciting pre-meditated abstinence of the motif of love. Great use of sibilant language especially in the third and fourth paragraph. The only critique I have is the fact that the third paragraph is a quatrain, compared to the rest of the poem being made up of 5-line stanzas. Maybe its a metaphor within itself?


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