Manners Maketh Man

John Carroll

It’s a forgotten truth that
Manners Maketh Man
Not brains, nor brawn,
But heart and character,
The practice of virtue and chivalry.

It’s to show generosity, to be
Kind, even harshest of times,
To be the light during the
Darkest of days
That makes one Good

No wealth, nor gold
Nor sparkling jewels or
Shining gems can buy
True quality, for strong character
Is the most valuable fortune

Remember, my friend, it’s with
Heart, honesty and good intentions,
That’s what makes you a hero,
And all it takes to put words to actions,
Is a random act of kindness.

When one forgives their enemies,
Sets aside petty differences, forgets past grudges,
To hold the door to let the other go through,
To do even the simplest act of kind at any opportunity
One can say they do have manners

And that’s what makes us human,
It’s not about our physical strengths,
Our intelligence or our looks,
It’s the good heart pumping beneath the flesh
That makes us all unique

So, part this day, with this one message,
When your enemy throws insults, forgive them,
When they swing fists, keep moving forward,
Kill with kindness, not with sticks or stones,
For those who have manners, know through virtue


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